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837%+ ROI from a Location-based Website

Free case study reveals the details of a small, location-based website that's brought in 837%+ ROI (and growing) for a real estate brokerage.

Recap of the Top 3 benefits of location-based websites:

  1. They are a long-term (as in years long) source of buyer and seller leads for a one-time upfront cost, with nominal ongoing costs, meaning ROI goes up and up over time, and you are in control of more of your marketing without the ongoing fees.
    • Ongoing costs include website hosting (cheap, since you don't need monthly IDX fees added on), and re-registering the domain name each year. That's it!
  2. You are seen as the authority on the location, making it easier to win listing presentations and get buyers to contact you to buy there.
    • As a bonus, you can offer sellers to be featured on the website only if they list with you.
  3. Be the first/only website on Google focused entirely on the location, with the best information, which means you get constant exposure to anyone interested in the location (prospective buyers or sellers).
    • Leads are higher quality than normal since you've educated them via the website. 

Does this sound good to you? If so, schedule a quick call and we can discuss a bit more.

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